Why have a Sectional Garage Door?

Why have a Sectional Garage Door?

If like many of our clients, you are fed up with struggling to open an old and rusted up and over garage door, why not check out our range of sectional garage doors?

Whether in steel or timber, our sectional garage doors are a delight. They are manufactured from top grade materials for many years worth of trouble free service and are installed with the minimum amount of disruption by our qualified, professional fitters.

The beauty of a sectional garage door is that they take up very little room as they retract into the roof space of the garage, making them ideal for people who have limited driveway space. All too often, people with traditional up and over doors have to reverse their vehicle back away from the garage door before they can open it, as these types require a good amount of space to open out and upwards.

There will be no more shifting your car back away from the garage just to retrieve your bicycle or lawn mower. With the automated function, you simply press a button and the door will glide up and into the roof space effortlessly and quietly.

The emphasis on quiet cannot be understated either. Traditional up and over steel garage doors are notoriously noisy when opened or closed. There is nothing worse than coming home from a night shift and waking half the neighbourhood up as you garage door opens or closes. When the runners of up and over garage doors become old or coroded, the noise just gets worse and they can go out of alignment, making the operating noise even worse.

A sectional garage door glides up and down so quietly and smoothly and offers supreme security too. What is not to like about them?

Finishes to our steel sectional garage door range

If you think that steel is a rather tedious material for your new sectional garage door, think again! We have a wonderful range of finishes to temp you with and all will enjoy the robust build quality that has made our sectional garage doors the market leader that they are today.

Our woodgrain sectional garage door finish has a gorgeous sawn timber look about it. Owing to the textured finish, minor scratches can very easily be repaired unlike old fashioned smooth steel garage doors.

The sandgrain finish on our sectional garage door offers a finely textured surface, that looks amazing with the more modern properties.

The silkgrain finish to our sectional garage doors is, like the sandgrain, particularly suited to the modern property. With a wealth of different colours, this sectional garage door finish is a real winner with our clients.

For those who love the look of natural timber, without the upkeep implication,our decograin sectional garage door finish will be the choice to make. In five natural timber finishes, these will be a major hit with our customers.

Last but by no means least, our duragrain sectional garage door finish. A gorgeous digitally printed surface, that is colourfast and durable. The duragrain finish offers a wide choice of twenty four decors to make your sectional garage door look the best it can be.

Finishes to our solid timber sectional garage door range

For that luxurious look and feel on your sectional garage door, ACE sectional garage doors supply and fit a vast selection of beautiful solid timber garage doors. This range is a genuine head turner, of that there is no mistake!

Nordic pine is literally the theme for our Hormann range of quality sectional garage doors. The beautiful grain and knotted appearance will compliment any property perfectly. The range consists of:

  • S-Ribbed Nordic Pine sectional garage door. Thin horizontal slats of beautiful timber.
  • M-Ribbed Nordic Pine sectional garage door. Wider horizontal slats of gorgeous Nordic pine.
  • L-Ribbed sectional garage door. The widest slats available in this beautiful range of garage doors.
  • Panelled Nordic Pine sectional garage door. A wonderful combination of Nordic pine with inset panels for a stunning look.
  • Style 401 Nordic Pine sectional garage door. Slim slats set in a diagonal pattern meeting beautifully at the centre of the garage door.
  • Style 402 Nordic Pine sectional garage door. A gorgeous diamond configuration to wow you with this garage door.
  • Style 405 Nordic Pine sectional garage door.A detailed barn door look to this wonderful garage door.
  • Style 405 Nordic Pine sectional garage door with optional hinged door fitting. As above but with gorgeous black iron hardware to make a real statement in tradition and style.
  • Style 403 Nordic Pine sectional garage door. A stunning sunrise configuration to this garage door. What a beauty!
  • Style 404 Nordic Pine sectional garage door. An arched church window pattern set into this solid timer garage door for a gorgeous addition to any property.

Garage door repairs

ACE Sectional Garage Doors are leaders in the field of sectional garage doors and will not only supply and fit the highest quality sectional garage doors, we repair them too should they require a little TLC.

We are available to repair sectional garage doors in and around the areas of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London. So as you can see, our professional fitters cover a wide geographical area, so you can buy your sectional garage door from us with total peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that we are not simply chasing another sale. We rely on a long and ongoing relationship with all of our customers, as we firmly believe that is how we get referred to new customers.

Clearly, our sectional garage doors are built to last, but from time to time, like all things mechanical, they may require a little attention to remain working in a reliable manner. After all, you wouldn’t want to have your car stuck inside the garage if the door opening mechanism failed. ACE Sectional Garage Doors promise to be with you in the shortest time possible to repair your sectional garage door and have you up and running again.

We are available 24/7 and because we keep a wide range of approved spare parts in stock, we are frequently able to have your sectional garage door repaired and operating properly the very day you contact us. It may even be that the sectional garage door has fallen out of alignment and simply requires adjusting. We can often have this issue sorted even quicker as no new or replacement parts will be required.

When the time is right to choose a new garage door, where do you start? There are now many different types and styles available to you. Should you be confused as to the type of garage door that is right for you, read on.

Roller garage doors

Should you be worried about space or just want a garage door that is very compact and discreet, a roller garage door is a great option.

Roller garage doors can be installed into a wide range of garage openings of different shapes and sizes. They often come with certain devices that can be added for extra security and peace of mind, and they also offer very effective insulation. Although you are restricted to horizontal lines as they have to roll up and down.

Up and over garage doors

These are the more common types of garage doors that we have all come to recognise. They are very secure and easy to operate. However, be aware that as the door swings out, extra space in front of the garage will be required to allow easy opening.

Side hinged garage doors

These are a very traditional style of garage door and open like a double set of doors. Clearly room must be allowed for both sides to swing open and they do tend to have a restricted width.

Automated garage doors

Although not an actual style of garage door, the automated opening and closing mechanism can be incorporated into most styles of garage doors. Many existing garage doors have had an automated function added after the doors were initially installed. The automation offers the ability to remain in the vehicle whilst the garage door opens, a major plus should it be raining.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors open vertically and slide neatly into the top of the garage space. Made in sections and may come in a wide range of styles, finishes amd designs. Owing to the fact that these garage doors slide into the roof space of the garage, hanging shelving suspended from the ceiling of the garage would need to be placed on either the far end wall or lower on the side walls of the garage.

Making your life easier

The construction principle of sectional garage doors mean you can make full use of the space inside and in front of the garage. Sectional garage doors can be fitted in any garage opening and offer up to 14 cm more passage width than the more common up and over garage doors. All our sectional garage doors are optimally sealed with flexible and weather resistant seals on all four sides, so they are perfect for keeping the elements outside where they belong.


Construction materials

As mentioned above, the typical materials for most garage doors are timber and steel. Garage doors manufactured from steel are heavy duty and extremely durable. The rain tends to run off without leaving any streaking or marks because of the hot galvanized material and a high quality polyester primer coating on both sides of the garage door, which also protects against any rust forming. Steel sectional garage doors are insulated with a rating of good to very good, they offer many design possibilities and are also very easy to keep clean.

Real timber sectional garage doors are available in various designs and go very well with houses that feature timber elements. Because wood is a natural material, timber sectional garage doors require periodic care and are comparatively expensive than their steel counterparts. The regular care of timber sectional garage doors is therefore particularly important to protect the wood so that you can enjoy the beauty of these garage doors for many years to come.

Thermal insulation

Insulation of your sectional garage door is of particular importance when the garage is connected directly to the house or is used as storage for items that could suffer in temperature extremes, dampness, or even where extra time is spent completing DIY projects. Double skinned sectional garage doors have very good thermal insulation properties. In addition, they feature very quiet door travel owing to the sturdy door leaf. Additional plastic profiles with extra seals will minimise the thermal bridge between the wall and frame. These profiles can improve the insulation by a further fifteen percent.

Mechanical operation

Garage door operators are now practically standard equipment on most garage doors. Automatically operated sectional garage doors offer a huge advantage in that the garage door can be operated conveniently with a hand transmitter from the car, so no more getting soaked opening the door when it rains. The security aspect of these operators is another plus point, particularly if the garage is integral to a property, with an interior door leading to the house itself. The ability to drive into the garage and close the door behind you without leaving the security of your vehicle is something that many of our customers ask about.

Mechanical operators also offer increased protection against unwelcome visitors breaking into your garage. This is because the lock prevents the sectional garage door from being lifted up when the door is closed. There is also an anti lift kit that will work in the event of a power failure.

A supplier you can trust

For your peace of mind, all essential doors and operator components are developed and manufactured by Hormann, so you will be buying into high quality engineered products from Germany. All the components are perfectly matched to each other and thoroughly tested and certified by independent, recognised institutes to ensure your safety. As previously stated, they are carefully manufactured in Germany according to the DIN ISO 9001 quality management system and meet the requirements of European standard 13241. The German production and engineering industry has been a world leader for quite some time and their reputation for reliable, quality products is well deserved. As well as producing the very finest products, Hormann continue to work intensively on new products, continual and extensive developments and improvements to details. This results in patents that are unique and make their products the best on the market.

A look that brings it all together

The gorgeous appearance of our sectional garage doors is the result of many small details, all brought together to give you a garage door to be proud of.

For white doors and all surface finishes, the fascia panel is always provided so that it matches the door sections. This ensures that everything fits together perfectly. The side frames are available with a white Woodgrain surface finish as standard. For sectional garage doors with the surface finishes of Sandgrain, Silkgrain or Decograin as well as our coloured doors, the frame coverings are optionally available in the surface finish of the door section itself. For Duragrain doors, we optionally supply the frame cladding and the panels in a colour that matches the decor.

Innovation in the garage door industry

Not only are our sectional garage doors delightful additions to any home, they can have some wonderful innovations incorporated.

Some of our sectional garage doors come with a wicket door in the main garage door itself. This door within a door, allows you to easily access whatever you need from your garage without having to fully open the door. Smaller items such as gardening tools, bicycles or wheelbarrows can be retrieved with ease. Even better still, only Hormann offers wicket doors with a stainless steel threshold that is only 10 mm in the centre and 5 mm at the sides. This reduces the risk of tripping and makes it easier to wheel things through. The aluminium door frame is anodised as standard in a natural finish and is also available in all RAL colours. The top garage door section comes with a continuous lintel seal, also in the wicket door area. Doors with wicket door are available with a door width of up to 5 metres.

Time for a new garage door

So when you feel it is time to modernise or upgrade your garage door. ACE Sectional Garage Doors can provide you with a very attractive solution for any fitting situation. Inexpensive standard sizes, especially created for modernisation, will save you money and make it possible for us to install your new sectional garage door faster. ACE Sectional Garage Doors also provide all our valued customers with a complete package of services so that you never need worry about repairs or servicing of your sectional garage door.

ACE Sectional Garage Doors ensure that the sectional garage door operators perfectly match your sectional door. This simply means you will enjoy many years of simple operation, maximum convenience and the greatest operational safety of any sectional garage door on the market today.

The automatic safety cut out on our sectional garage doors stops the door securely and reliably if it encounters an obstacle. Not surprisingly, many are concerned about automated opening garage doors trapping fingers, arms and legs. Worry no more, because as soon as any obstacle is detected, the door will stop instantly.

So now you can enjoy the elegant operation and safety features of our sectional garage doors as they open and close so quietly and smoothly and with a soft start and soft stop. Our hand transmitters allow you to open your sectional garage door from your car as easily as you would operate your television.

ACE Sectional Garage Doors - we are here to help

Why not call us today to discuss the fitting of a new and beautiful sectional garage door to your property. We are bound to have a style and colour of garage door that will suit not only your taste, but your budget too. We look forward to hearing from you soon.