Specialists in the Supply, Installation, Servicing and Repairs of Sectional Garage Doors Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London

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Specialists in the Supply, Installation, Servicing and Repairs of Sectional Garage Doors
Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London

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24 Hour Contact

Specialists in the Supply, Installation, Servicing
and Repairs of Sectional Garage Doors
Throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire
Buckinghamshire, Essex and North London
01438 742 664
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07870 987 817 24 Hour Contact
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Sectional Garage Doors in Stevenage

In a row of houses, you would expect them to all look the same, but with some statutory exceptions to changing the look of a property, we all want to put our own individual stamp on our property.

Modern towns such as Stevenage can sometimes be labelled as tedious, with row after row of properties looking identical. However, even when the property itself is the same as the one next door, much can be done to make subtle changes to the exterior appearance in order to give it a different look.

The differences may be fencing, driveways, the style of double glazing or the garden layout, but with so many styles of garage doors to choose from, it is incredible how just one alteration can make your house in Stevenage stand out from the rest in the road.

A little Stevenage history

Stevenage lies near the line of the Roman road from Verulamium to Baldock. Some Romano-British remains were discovered during the building of the New Town, and a hoard of 2,000 silver Roman coins was discovered in 1986 during new house building in the Chells Manor area. The most substantial evidence of activity from Roman times is Six Hills, six tumuli by the side of the old Great North Road, probably the burial places of a local family.

A little to the east of the Roman sites the first Saxon camp was made in a clearing in the woods where the church, manor house and the first village were later built. Settlements also grew up in Chells, Broadwater and Shephall.

In the Domesday Book the Lord of the Manor was the Abbot of Westminster Abbey. The settlement had moved down to the Great North Road and in 1281 it was granted a Royal Charter to hold a weekly market and annual fair, this is still held in the High Street.

The earliest part of St Nicholas Church dates from the 12th century but it was probably a site of worship much earlier. The known list of priests or rectors is relatively complete from 1213.

The remains of a medieval moated homestead in Whomerley Wood is an eighty yard square trench almost five feet wide in parts. It was probably the home of Ralph de Homle, and both Roman and later pottery has been found there.

Garage door by ACE in Stevenage

Our homes can often be as individual as we are. Above are just a handful of examples of how we can make our property our own by making small changes, but a new garage door is a sure fire way to make your Stevenage property look fantastic.

No matter what type of garage you have, a stand alone garage, an integral one or one that links your property to the next, ACE Garage Doors have you covered.

ACE Garage Doors supply and fit the very finest quality Garage Doors on the market. We always strive for the highest possible standard of customer service and satisfaction. We cover all areas of Hertfordshire and have many satisfied customers in and around the Stevenage area in particular.

We supply, fit, repair and service every style of garage door available, from manual doors on a budget to top of the range, fully automated roller shutters. We are happy to take on any size job from replacing a broken spring to supplying multiple garage doors for entire housing projects.

So if you are searching for high quality garage doors of any style in Stevenage or any other area, then contact ACE Garage Doors for a free quote today.

Different styles of garage doors available in Stevenage

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors are a very popular choice as they do not require any room at the front of the garage for them to open, a real advantage in Stevenage where driveways are not always overly long. These great garage doors are made up of panel sections that are connected with hinges. As the door opens and closes, wheels at the edge of each panel roll inside a vertical track on each side of the door opening.

The hinges between each panel section move over a curved section of the track. This feature allows the door to sit parallel to the ceiling when completely open or in line with the walls when completely closed.

A pair of high tension springs above the opening are attached to cables that operate the door and hold it from slipping down when only partially open.

Sectional garage doors are typically made from steel, but can be made from timber or other composite materials, are low maintenance, and can include window inserts, hardware, textures, and colours. They come in both insulated and non insulated models.

Roller shutter garage doors

Roller shutter garage doors are fantastic for commercial applications as well as residential properties. They are particularly good for garages where the ceiling space is required for storage, as they only take up a small area of ceiling space at the front of the garage. This style is made with steel slat sections that roll around a drum above the door opening.

Roller shutters are built to withstand heavy usage and high performance units can be built without springs or enclosed to prevent rust, corrosion, and freezing. Due to the heavy duty nature of the roller shutter, the initial cost can be a little higher than a sectional garage door.

Slide to the side garage doors

The slide to the side garage door is not a common site in many properties, although their operation is very similar to the sectional garage door. These garage doors operate by bending to one side of the garage and sitting parallel to the wall. They may be good for garages that have very little headroom.

They run along lower tracks that are flexible enough to work with slight slopes in the floor or ceiling. Slide to the side doors do not require balancing springs and have a built in retractable motor for automated operation without the need for a ceiling mounted operator.

Side hinged garage doors

These are a lovely old fashioned design and are generally made from quality timber. They are often fitted to separate garage units that are situated away from the main property.Side hinged garage doors swing open and closed from a hinged frame on either side of the opening like oversized French doors. They can look like barn doors when made from wood, although they can be more modern in appearancemore when made from galvanized steel.

Side opening garage doors are particularly suited to garages with pitched roofs and good solid walls that are capable of taking the stress of the doors weight. They can even be automated with special conversion arms.

Up and over garage doors

The traditional up and over garage doors do not have sections, they are made of one solid piece of material, usually metal. They have a pivoting hinge mechanism, so they can tilt up into the garage. The up and over style of garage door sits parallel to the garage ceiling and extends past the front of the garage when the door is open.

ACE Garage Doors have been fitting and maintaining all styles of garage doors in and around the Stevenage area for many years and have a very long list of satisfied customers. We can often come out for repairs in Stevenage at very short notice as we are based in the town.

Why not call us to find out what style garage door would be perfect for your Stevenage property.

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Exceptional Value - Alutech Sectional Garage Doors

ACE Sectional Garage Doors - we are here to help

Why not call us today to discuss the fitting of a new and beautiful sectional garage door to your property. We are bound to have a style and colour of garage door that will suit not only your taste, but your budget too. We look forward to hearing from you soon.